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Sleeping Bag Liner Whimsyshire - The trick Degree Information - Diablo 3

Posted on June 7 2013

Sleeping Bag Liner

This place and walkthrough guidebook will deal with Whimsyshire in Diablo three, usually generally known as Solution Pony Amount, offering all of the facts regarding how to accumulate the bottom substances for that Workers of Herding and the way to utilize it to enter the horse stage alone, together with extra pertinent data.


  • What is Whimsyshire?
  • How would you enter the key Amount?
  • Assembling the Workers of Herding
    • Black Mushroom
    • Leoric's Shinbone
    • Liquid Rainbow
    • Wirt's Bell
    • Gibbering Gemstone
    • Staff of Herding Plans
  • Reaching The Entrance
  • Arrival at Whimsyshire
  • In the Land of your Killer Unicorns - Feat of Strength
  • Frequently Questioned Questions

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Contribution Credits

Upgrading the Workers of Herding: Kevin, Dazzling, Dham
Cow Amount Heritage: Pentekont, D-fan
Chiltara: Azrafael

Updated: 7/9/2012

What is Whimsyshire?

Whimsyshire may be the particular key degree of Diablo three, which can be really concealed and demands a considerable sum of effort and hard work to succeed in, allow on your own encounter with no being aware of over it beforehand. The tale of how the extent arrived to generation is really really much like the key Cow Amount from Diablo II, as well as even references it (we will reach that later Sleeping Bag Liner sleepingbagshq on).

To give some back-story for the the key level's relationship with one another, I'll initially describe the cow stage for people who will not currently know. A protracted time back there was a rumor that clicking around the cows while in the unique Diablo could potentially ship you to definitely a key cow stage. This amused the builders for the position exactly where it grew to become a cheat code in Starcraft, then eventually an real key stage in Diablo two, achieved by combining Wirt's Leg having a Tome of City Portal while in the Horadric Dice.

With Diablo three, there have been some early enhancement screenshots showcasing a far more cartoony coloration pallete than it truly is current working day iterartion. A lot of lovers obtained up in arms above the model of graphics, complaining it'd at the same time be stuffed with ponies and rainbows. You could just about guess what took place from there...

Thus the magical faraway land of Whimsyshire was born into existence, inside of a realm different from Sanctuary, the Significant Heavens or even the Burning Hells, exactly where the two angel and demon dread to tread, even so the hero on your own can purge this land of your horrors which inhabit it and threaten to spill above all regarded existence, eternally corrupting it.

How would you enter the key Amount?

There are two primary duties one particular should attain to succeed in Whimsyshire Diablo three, that can be grouped into sub-steps to help make items simpler. Understand that his just isn't intended being a simple enterprise, and additionally it is greatest and just about important you conquer the sport on ordinary just before trying this (significantly similar to the Cow Amount in Diablo two).

The initially will probably be assembling the Workers of Herding, which needs retrieving a Blacksmith program and five one of a kind substances which have been employed just for the employees, positioned in distant, random destinations or on particular monsters. Whilst usually worthless and unimpressive hunting other than it truly is taste textual content, the Workers of Herding may be the essential you can require, very similar to the outdated Wirt's Leg.

The 2nd and much simpler move (using this guide's aid in any case) is usually to discover the entrance to Whimsyshire and it truly is famous gatekeeper, for whom the employees is usually to be crafted.

**Note: The employees just isn't eaten on use or getting into Whimsyshire, therefore you are able to journey for the key stage as repeatedly as you would like, with your whole figures, with just the one particular employees. Just pop it again as part of your stash for one more character to acquire out and use.

Assembling the Workers of Herding

Only one particular bovine in all of Sanctuary could potentially have a very use for this.

The Workers of Herding is made up of five substances and also the recipe as stated higher than. Nevertheless, just before we even begin with exactly where to locate anything, you need to start out conserving your gold ASAP and attempting to gain just as much as you possibly can throughout your lookups, just as if that you are getting started from scratch, you can require a complete of a hundred and fifty,000 gold to help make this employees, which can be a significant price tag tag, but very well worthwhile. Exclusively you can require 100k for amongst the five substances and 50k to craft the employees alone with all your Blacksmith.

The five substances are; Black Mushroom, Leoric's Shinbone, Liquid Rainbow, Wirt's Bell and Gibbering Gemstone.

Black Mushroom

"The witch Adria seeks a black mushroom? Sleeping Bag Liner I'm sure just as much about black mushrooms as I do about crimson herrings." -Deckard Cain

The Black Mushroom is discovered as being a random opportunity interactable item, just laying around the floor so that you can get. You can require to go looking while in the Cathedral stage one, which can be through the quest, The Legacy of Cain. Maybe you have to operate the dungeon a number of periods just before functioning into it, as every time you begin a completely new video game you can find an opportunity it is going to spawn in this article.

Just scour your entire place, on the lookout for the faintly glowing mushrooms increasing away from the ground, typically someplace a little bit from the overwhelmed route. In case you operate the size of your stage, just exit your video game and check out yet again. In case you do discover the Black Mushroom even so, just click it to help make one which you are able to set as part of your stock come out. In case you are in multiplayer video game, absolutely everyone should have an opportunity to retrieve their own personal.

Leoric's Shinbone

This charred bit of Leoric was obviously as soon as related to his ankle and knee.

You will see Leoric's Shinbone also as being a random opportunity interactable merchandise while in the video game. The actual spot exactly where this merchandise can spawn, is within Leoric's Manor. The fastest method to operate this place and seek out the merchandise, is usually to start out the search The Imprisone Angel (or any immediately after it in Act I), then utilize the waypoint to journey for the manor. You can need to backtrack, likely in the waypoint behind the Manor, toward the fireside area which can be in the entrance of your manor. You could begin to see the area while in the photo for the appropriate (it is the very same typical format every time) while in the northeast corner of your map.

In the hearth position area, the item you're going to be on the lookout for may be the Burning Logs. If these are while in the hearth, you have got succeeded, just click the logs to help make Leoric's Shinbone come out on to the ground so that you can get. If there are actually no logs there, just go away the sport and check out yet again. The operate for this merchandise is among the quickest.

Liquid Rainbow

The shades swirl and twist in hypnotic styles.

The Liquid Rainbow piece is discovered inside a upper body which may spawn inside a dungeon, which alone is usually a unusual chance/special party that happens in Act II. In the course of the quest Betrayer of your Horadrim (or later on with waypoints) you can journey for the Dahlgur Oasis. Research the realm for the south for any guy who requires conserving, standing in certain shallow drinking water named Zaven the Alchemist. He constantly exhibits up while in the very same spot and when encountered, will supply the Mysterious Cave dungeon, and also the treasures in it, for you as he not needs to investigate it. If you cannot uncover him, just do similar to just before, creating a completely new video game and checking out yet again till he exhibits.

Head in the Mysterious Cave as soon as its opened and research the 1st degree of it carefully, as this is certainly exactly where the Mysterious Upper body spawns which residences the Liquid Rainbow and very little else. The upper body might be anyplace in the 1st stage, so it may well acquire some checking out, but as soon as it really is as part of your possession that you are cost-free for the head for that subsequent component (if you have saved sufficient revenue for it by now). In case you even now require revenue, contemplate ending your operate of your cave for that loot you can uncover around the 2nd stage.

Wirt's Bell

"When the demons occur, near your eyes and ring this... it will take you significantly, significantly absent..." -Unknown

Wirt's Bell has likely quite possibly the most immediate way of attainment of all of the items you should get for that employees, even so not by any implies quick. This is certainly in which you will require that a hundred,000 gold stated before, while you should have to purchase it for that significantly from the service provider.

Travel to Act II, it doesen't make a difference which position provided that you have obtain for the Caldeum Bazaar and all hell has not damaged free nonetheless while in the metropolis toward the tip of your act. From there, head for the bazaar and uncover Squirt the Peddler while in the southwest area of your map. Get started a discussion and open up the miscellaneous merchandise tab to locate Wirt's Cowbell available. Regardless that pricey, as stated formerly, it really is truly worthwhile.

This may be the only piece and not using a random opportunity to be discovered.

Gibbering Gemstone

It looks being lively but it truly is challenging to notify.

This was the longest grind individually, using about 10+ operates, and it has the probable being in your case at the same time given that there are actually two random odds associated with this merchandise, furthermore it could be fairly concealed when it does present. To uncover the Gibbering Gemstone, you can require to journey to Act III, through the quest Equipment of War and head for the Fields of Slaughter in which you are tasked with destroying the three Ballistae and Demonic Trebuchet.

Now for that challenging elements. The merchandise we'd like is discovered within a dungeon termed Caverns of Frost which has an opportunity to spawn while in the Fields of Slaughter, about 50%, given that there'll possibly be this dungeon or an additional one particular termed Icefall Caves. There's constantly amongst both of these while in the fields, so research till you discover one of these, whether it is Icefall, give up and remake the sport to test yet again, given that there'll hardly ever be the two. In case you discover the Caverns of Frost, head within and make your method to stage two.

Now Gibbering Gemstone is usually a confirmed fall from the one of a kind mob named Chiltara, even so Chiltara only occasionally spawns around the 2nd degree of the Caverns of Frost. You can require to operate the dungeon till you discover her, which provides the ultimate complication, she likes to cover. Exclusively, she will be able to frequently spawn burrowed, meaning you'll have to wander in the vicinity of her to receive her to come out. This suggests virtually stepping all around the position, even so try out to prioritize modest away from the best way corners or other restricted areas, given that she looks to favor these details. This is certainly exactly where it could be beneficial to get a celebration, given that every single member should have their own personal fall in any case, this means more and more people probably triggering her assault if she's there.

If that you are fortunate, she will be able to spawn as other enemy styles that occupy the cavern, therefore creating your lifetime a bit simpler regarding finding her.

Fun Sleeping Bag Liner Truth: Check out the white merchandise kind title and carefully in the photo of your merchandise alone. Does this search common? It is the mystical purple gemstone which puzzled gamers for more than ten years, sitting down while in the center of your foyer chat window in Diablo two. Even the outline mentions the puzzling mother nature of your gem, which when clicked would transform shades, seemingly 'turning on' and exhibiting textual content the gem were activated, but hardly ever basically performing just about anything. A fantastic tribute to 1 of your finest trolling times in movie video game background.

Plans: Workers of Herding

This is exactly where items receive a small less difficult. The strategies for that employees absolutely are a random fall off of Izual, the fallen angel/ex-lieutenant you deal with just before combating Diablo in Act IV. For this you'll require to begin the ultimate quest Primary Evil and struggle your way via a handful of minutes of enemies and these till achieving Izual. It might acquire a number of operates to find the strategies to fall from his corpse, even so a minimum of you already know precisely exactly where to locate him each individual time.

Once you have got the strategies you are able to prepare Haedrig to really make it by appropriate clicking the recipe if you have the craft window open up. There looks being no stage prerequisite for his education so that you can create the employees, which can be one particular wonderful profit.

Finally you can require to help make confident you have got an additional fifty,000 gold together with the five substances. If that's the case, go on and strike the craft button and maintain the main element to magical lands that await you with awe my pal.

Upgrading the Workers of Herding

You should have to update the employees for bigger challenges of key stage, along with the foundation employees unlocking the key stage in ordinary only. Gorell the Quartermaster in Bastion's Preserve sells the update strategies for one gold every single, even so you should at the moment be while in the Primary Evil quest of Act IV for them to indicate up. Also, the update strategies will only present up for that issue that you are on, such as the nightmare update strategies, are only there throughout Nightmare issue of your Primary Evil quest.

There are not any extra components, other than the former challenges employees and also the gold charge to craft the subsequent stage up. At last, every single degree of employees can open up it truly is personal difficulty's key stage and people prior, this means an Inferno employees can open up up all 4 challenges of pony stage.

The updates are:

  • 200,000 Gold for Nightmare
  • 500,000 Gold for Hell
  • 1,000,000 for Inferno

Credit and many thanks goes to Kevin for this data.

Reaching the doorway of Whimsyshire

Note: The employees is rarely eaten and you may enter the key pony stage as repeatedly as you would like with no dread of at any time dropping obtain.

If you have got designed it to this move, that you are while in the dwelling extend with all of the tricky elements driving you. Ensure just before continuing into this magical realm, you are a minimum of stage thirty(ish) since the issue of your monsters in this article appear to be on par/a little bit bigger than Act IV of your very same issue.

Travel again to Act I now with all your employees and head over to any quest in which you have quick obtain to Aged Tristram street (just about any other than the really commencing of your initially quest). Contain the employees as part of your stock and wander with the area of Aged Tristram Highway which is concerning New Tristram and also the Aged Ruins. You could acquire The Aged Ruins waypoint and backtrack to avoid wasting a while.

Check the image for the appropriate for specific facts around the entrance, the waypoint around the map getting the Aged Ruin's. This entrance is while in the very same specific position each individual time. Try to find the crimson glowing gentle coming in the depths that may be viewed above the southern cliff edge. If you solution this place, the Ghost of your Cow King (the ex-leader of your key cow stage) should really seem for you using an exclamation mark above his head. Speak to him and ensure to hear the amusing discussion that ensues, rife with references. As soon as the convo is concluded, the glow will transform shades to your extra multicolor spectrum and also the entrance to Whimsyshire will probably be open up! Click the glowing portal and behold what awaits you.

Your Arrival

Congrats! You've got now entered the key pony stage, Whimsyshire!

Sights to check out on your own Superb Journey:
No extra combating Hell's Demons. Be ready to carve your way as a result of onslaughts of pink teddy bears, substantial pony unicorns and hordes of dwelling pink bouquets. Of course, there are actually elite and unusual kind mobs being discovered to. Virtually anything is changed with sweet variations of by themselves.

Fighting the monsters here's largely tricky because of their move up stage smart in the Act IV monsters of your issue that you are actively playing the key stage in, but one particular factor which makes your lifetime a little bit simpler, is preserve for that elites and champions, the monsters in this article usually do not have any particular assaults or talents. All you should check out out for are different melee swings, that may even now strike really really hard.

Monster Types

Twinkleroot - The weakest of your enemies, these pink bouquets operate all over and whip at you with their stems. Style of much like the fallen since they constantly can be found in hordes and strike tumble really speedy.

Cuddle Bear - These pink strolling teddy bears bounce all over really amusingly, having a jaunted operate, and check out to operate up and headbut/hug you. Marginally extra wellness than Twinkleroots and strike a little bit more challenging far too, although not by significantly. Assume the Risen equal. Unquestionably quite possibly the most adoringly demented of your a few monsters taking into consideration destroy animations. Normally discovered in scaled-down teams but at times in hordes.

Pink Rainbow Unicorn and Chubby Purple Unicorns - A large move up in the bears and bouquets, with far more wellness and far more robust hits from their hove kicks when also significantly much less popular as well as in scaled-down teams. The chubby variations appear to have a little bit extra wellness, even so the distinction between the 2 stat smart looks being minimum. Hey, at any time puzzled what a unicorn seems like break up down the center? The Elite and Champions will kick your ass otherwise well prepared. These are generally also the quickest monsters which make might make them really lethal sometimes.

Some Information On Loot in Whimsyshire

The key stage may be a reasonably respectable supply of loot for a number of motives. 1st off, there are actually plenty of resources of loot while in the key stage, meaning you will get a great deal of odds to locate some very good merchandise. The monsters may be style of squishy having a respectable established up and also the format can make for any very well sufficient dimension being really worth clearing out for that effort and time put in receiving there. A number of operates of Whimsyshire immediately after beating an issue can assist you equipment up or gain some cash for performing so for that subsequent move up. In case you are stage sixty, be sure to get a five stack of nephalem valor just before getting into.

With the one.0.three patch transform, you can now uncover merchandise as many as ilvl sixty three given that the loot will technically tumble while in the very same desk of percentages as Act I inferno. While you are able to now uncover merchandise of a better high-quality, it ought to be mentioned the total probable to locate magical merchandise is nerfed momentarily simultaneously. See underneath for more info.

Loot remains pretty much as good, otherwise marginally greater normally to no matter what may be dropped while in the Act IV of your issue that you are in.

Update - Patch one.0.three:

Since the patch nerfing magic uncover and so also nephalem valor in relation to things like chests and these, the probable worth of performing Whimsyshire operates has taken a major strike taking into consideration the sheer sum of content clouds and so on which introduced a big part of your loot formerly. Ideally this may be adjusted yet again while in the long term, but in the interim this is certainly one thing really worth holding in your mind. For now this data will continue to be as being a footnote till the alterations to MF stage out. New alterations influencing drops for that key stage will probably be posted in this article.

Container Types
Lovely Presents - Concerning the equal of jars or barrels that pop up and explode having a cheer and confetti when damaged open up. Reasonably abundant.
Happy Cloud - Such as ordinary chests and they're All over the place. This is certainly amongst the most important resources of loot in this article. Nearly always related to a different through a rainbow. Make an :D deal with and bounce all over considerably more when "opened".
Pots of Gold - Far better chests that sort of squeeze out a shower of gold when activated. Quite unheard of but you can find typically a few in every single occasion.
Pinata - Just one will spawn and also the opportunity of it even getting while in the key stage is random, therefore you happen to be not confirmed to locate one particular each individual time. These are generally similar to Resplendent Chests, firing out a stream of loot when damaged open up.

In the Land of your Killer Unicorns - Feat of Strength

Find the concealed stage.
Unlocks the celebrities banner sample and also the Unicorn banner sigil.

For achieving the key stage and stepping within to behold it truly is glory, you can get a feat of energy accomplishment, which can be usually concealed till been given.

Frequently Questioned Questions

Q: Can the Workers be reused or will it get eaten?
A: The Workers may be used indefinitely and hardly ever receives employed up.

Q: Can you share the key Amount?
A: Yes, you simply require one particular participant along with the employees to open up the portal to Whimsyshire, from there absolutely everyone while in the video game can enter despite their act development and when they crafted the employees by themselves nonetheless. You could not even so trade the employees mainly because it and all of the components bind for your account. You could share the employees concerning your personal figures with the shared stash. Given that the stash just isn't thread concerning hardcore and softcore or even the distinctive entire world location servers, you can require to help make a different employees in these cases,

Q: Am i able to obtain the components on ordinary issue?
A: Of course which is recommended because it can make farming the destinations you should obtain the foundation mats for that standard employees less difficult. The sole factor you should uncover at bigger challenges tend to be the update strategies, which happen to be bought by a seller. (see upgrading the employees)

Q: Does an upgraded employees even now unlock reduce challenges?
A: Of course it does, every single degree of employees can open up it truly is involved issue portal and people underneath it, A nightmare employees opens nightmare and ordinary issue portals and an Inferno employees will open up all of these.


Well, that about addresses the key Pony Volume of Diablo three. If there are actually any corrections that have to be designed, or facts you're feeling I should really incorporate, make sure you go away a remark. Ideas and requests are constantly welcome. I'm engaged on obtaining a movie up of Whimsyshire and achieving the doorway.

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